Power washing

FLASH Professional Cleaning effectively clean many exterior surfaces with their trusty power washes.
It’s not just a case of pointing the nozzle at the dirt; the relative areas need preparing before the power wash is used,
dirt and grime must be fully removed once dislodged, and the surfaces should be properly sealed before
the job is done to prevent algae and moss taking up residence again and so that there’s a barrier against oil and grease.

We clean decking, block paving, masonry, tarmac, concrete and cladding, and more; we use different equipment
on different surfaces.
Shop fronts are another speciality of ours – given the difficulty nowadays for any brand
to stand out against its competitors, it doesn’t make business sense to allow your frontage to look shabby and neglected.

We price our power washing services relative to the size of the area that needs cleaning.
Every job is carried out to your requirements and we take the same care over cleaning a small area of decking
as we would a large car park, for example. How we treat each project and judge the solutions to use is just as individual
as we consider the age, permeability and condition of each surface.

If you want a professional finish you need to hire a professional team, which is FLASH Professional Cleaning.