High level cleaning

High level cleaning is any cleaning that is performed at a high level and maybe performed
inside or outside all types of premises from factories and warehouses to high rise flats,
apartments and offices, and more. Internally it may involve the cleaning of ceilings,
light fittings and walls whilst externally window cleaning, gutter cleaning and roof cleaning
would also be considered high level cleaning.

High level cleaning is important for both internal and external environments for several reasons.
The internal high level cleaning helps to reduce dust and dirt, and prevent allergens.
It also reduces the potential for damage caused by mould and bacteria which may form over time.
With ceiling, wall and light fitting cleaning, the brightness is also improved.
Externally, as business owners, we want our premises to look good when employees, customers,suppliers and partners visit so that it reflects well on our brand.
It can also prevent more serious damage to the façade of the building.
Overflowing gutters are notorious for damaging brick work whilst a lack of window cleaning
will lead to poor quality light internally and potential damage to seals.

Listed below are just some of the reasons why choosing FLASH Professional Cleaning makes sense.

Professional equipment including wire systems and elevating working platforms like cherry pickers.
Trusted by hundreds of large and small businesses
Frontline cleaners extensively trained in-house with ongoing training courses to keep the teams up to date.
Tailored services to meet your business needs with a wide range of services available besides
high level cleaning services.