Carpet repair

We are able to offer you professional carpet repairs that will stand up to everyday use and most importantly last. The process will actually re build damaged areas including the carpet backing where necessary so you will have complete peace of mind in the repairs we offer, by re-building the actual carpet and not just sticking to the underlay this type of carpet repair service will not cause any issues should the carpet need to be lifted in future.
We are able to offer you various types of repair from cut outs to re-tufting. As every repair is different we will advise on the best course of action for your specific requirement.
Whilst the initial cost of a repair may sound expensive, the cost and upheaval of carpet replacement often far outweighs the cost of a repair when you consider these points.
• Having to completely clear rooms
• The cost of a new carpet
• Cost of fitting
• Cost to properly dispose of old carpet (latex bonding cannot go to landfill)
So where possible a professional carpet repair is a much more convenient and cost effective option.