Artificial grass cleaning

We provide various maintenance & cleaning services at a cost that best suits your needs.
Artificial grass is low maintenance but requires some regular care.
To keep it looking its best and to get the most out of its lifespan, here are a few tips below.

We can offer 6, 8 or 12 week visits

Power Brush
Power Blow
Weed removal
Pet Hair removal
Deep clean
Sanitise and deodorise

Initial Regular brushing

It may take a while for the sand infill to fully penetrate the surface of the grass,
even with the use of a power brush.
Regular light brushing during the ‘bedding in’ period of 6-8 weeks will help the surface reach its optimum condition.

Monthly brushing

We suggest a monthly brushing should take place in all directions with a medium-soft bristled brush.
This helps distribute the sand infill and keep the pile upright for longer. Pay special attention to areas of high use.

Collect leaves

Do not let organic matter rot in the surface of the grass.
This will block the drainage and also result in weed growth.
Leaves and other debris can help make the lawn appear more natural so it is not imperative to keep your lawn clear
all of the time but before the material has time to bed in and rot it should be removed.

Weed killing

It is important that moss and weed killing above the surface of your grass should be done annually.
We suggest that you use a water based weed killer and once the weeds have died remove the debris.
Weed killing around the edges can be done more often as weeds are likely to grow in the gaps between the grass and surrounding areas.

Clean up after your pets

Do remove pet mess as you would on a regular lawn.
Stains can be removed easily using hot water and specialised detergent products which can be purchased from us.
If you have a problem with odours then use a pet deodoriser/anti-bacterial solution.
These can be found in most pet stores/supermarkets or online.
In some circumstances there is little you can do about bad odours yourself but our team is always available should you need a deeper cleaning.

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Repair service

Suppose something happens accidentally with your artificial grass repair is possible
such as replacing a melted patch or repairing a open seem or a rip

Fortunately it is not common, but the greatest risk of damage is related to heat,
causing melting spots on the grass also burns from barbecues and fire pits

Any damage to artificial grass can be repaired. The damaged piece of artificial turf
is cut out and replaced by a new piece.
It is therefore advisable to save any left overs after installation.
These can be used for any repairs.
You must be aware of the fact that used artificial grass will look differently than new turf,
even when it is the same product a repair usually remains visible.
Over time, this difference will be less visible.

FLASH Professional Cleaning provide artificial grass cleaning to ensure that your lawn always looks restored and like new.

Much like any external surface artificial grass is subject to the weather, traffic,
spillages and the build up of moss and algae. Expert knowledge, the correct cleaning chemicals
and cleaning equipment are required to ensure that artificial grass cleaning produces the best results.

Residential homeowners and commercial premises spend a great deal of money on the installation of artificial grass
in the hope that maintenance will be minimal; whilst this is generally true,
like any external surfaces maintenance must be undertaken to ensure that the artificial lawn looks like new all year round.